Learn to build Web Apps with Rails

Advance your career & improve your life

Have a great idea for a web app and wish you could just build it yourself with Rails, but the task seems daunting? Don't fret, I know exactly how you feel — I failed at learning it twice. The barrier was all mental. All you need to do is change your mindset and approach.

No longer did I worry about understanding all the concepts. I just kept building different applications over and over. Each time I would be amazed at how easy it was to learn something new along the way and advance. This was just a year ago and now I get slammed with more Rails projects than I can handle. Its ease of use and efficiency improved my life forever.

You too can learn to build anything from scratch. The secret is Rails is so easy to learn anyone can do it. If you want to create web apps and earn a great income from it, you need my book.

What you'll learn

  • ♦ The essentials of building and launching a live web application
  • ♦ Protype/Build that idea you've always been itching to turn into a company
  • ♦ The confidence to call yourself a developer and motivational skills to push your capabilities
  • ♦ How to work & think like a developer(you're a designer, product manager, etc.) and learn to better communicate with them
  • ♦ If you're a seasoned developer(php, python, c++, java, or any language) add the ever popular Ruby on Rails to your skill-set
  • ♦ How to build a sustainable income as a Rails developer either through freelancing or a full-time job


  • $49 – Good Sense: Learn to build Web Apps with Rails book
  • $99 – Book + Access to Google Groups with all other students
  • $199/month – Book + Google Groups + Weekly mentoring sessions
  • $1,299/month – All of the above + A Rails expert on hand


"Sherman breaks down really complex problems into simple concepts that I can use immediately. I'm non-technical and I launched my first live web application to the public in the first lesson."

Avi Zolty YCombinator Winter '13 startup founder

"I studied in computer science and was finally able to learn Rails through this book. It taught me many valuable skills beyond programming. Immediately, I started landing the highest paid freelance gigs of my life."

Phillip Chen Freelance Developer in SF

"I came from a law enforcement background. When I wanted to learn Rails I tried a ton of online tutorials, to no avail. Good Sense gave me the confidence to really call myself a developer."

Keith Asazawa Law Enforcer turned developer

"Good Sense educated me in a huge gap I wasn't getting in school — web development. Sherman has a knack for explaining things that someone with no programming background can understand. I received my first programming job offer thanks to him!"

Jeremiah O'Connor UCSF student


Q: How will this help my career?

A: Software is taking over the world. In 2020 there is going to be a projected 1.4 million software development jobs with only 400K developers trying to learn. There's a huge need for people like you to learn how to code. By the way, you'll probably make more money than you could ever imagine.

Q: I have no experience coding. Will I really be able to learn?

A: Yes, if you're motivated enough. Writing code takes a lot of patience for even the most experienced developers. It makes you think about how you solve problems. The key is to never give up and to always try different solutions. It's a rewarding experience when you have the power to launch your own web app for the world to see.

Q: Can I become a freelance developer after reading this book?

A: It's the first step in creating a self sustaining lifestyle. You no longer will be at the mercy of having a day job. Most employers don't care where you work from as long as you deliver what you promise. I am here to support you if you want to become a freelancer. I've helped many people change their lives. In fact the person that built the website for this book was a designer I taught Rails to. I hired her a few weeks after she learned to push a live web app.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I love teaching people how to code. It's an art that takes time to master. I've taught several students who had very little or no experience coding at all. Now they have the confidence to call themselves a developer. I'm also doing it for the money so you'll get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not sure you got your money's worth I'll refund you 100%. You have nothing to lose.

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Meet the author

Sherman Lee is the founder of Good Sense. He is an entrepreneur, high-end consultant and blogger. He writes about productivity, freelancing, user experience, customer development and marketing. Learn more about him here or you can follow his updates on Twitter.